Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Figs and fidget spinners

I have to take a break from on line discussions of all sorts, shapes and kinds. They get nowhere and tend to drag a person into a deep depression about the nature of the species he belongs to. Nor is it doing my spelling or grammar much good so I need to find another outlet for political activities, something useful like grasping the 2018 Budget.

The last straw was an unpleasant character  who called me "a lefty pinko FIGS" because I didn't know what a "fidget spinner" was during a conversation about whether banning "fidget spinners" in schools was obviously the first step toward socialism. Nor am I certain what a FIGS is, but proud to be one.

Tuesday, May 23, 2017


Sometimes Geography is useful. There are the landforms, a cwm, a terminal moraine, rocks and stuff. And then there are maps, which country borders another, general regions such as the Middle East, there are hemispheres, tropical areas, sub-tropical areas, places that have winters, places that are or were ice-bound. All of this on a round orange shaped planet that spins.

Another area of concern is boys and girls holding hands when in certain foreign places. It's a well known fact that this sort of behavior is generally considered disgusting and entirely unnecessary, it's a sort of don't ask don't thing, like eating dog meat on a Thursday. But for holding hands on a red carpet at a foreign airport the consequences can be very dire indeed. 

Monday, May 22, 2017


For those who may be interested a Libtard is a derogatory term derived from a conjoining of the word Liberal and the word Retard. And while some might consider Libtard offensive and might wonder why a gentle flower like myself would be trolling the Alt-Right websites, my answer is that the exercise of doing so is close to entering the altered state produced by LSD, and yet the experience is addictive, kind of like when the school master in charge of Latin Detention loses control of the Detention Room.

To explain it, imagine yourself totally free to say absolutely anything that might enter your head, be liberated from the conventions that make society possible and have at it. Walk naked through the Bread Counter at a Grocery Store screaming obscenities at the unsliced loaves and the stranger thing is every one else is doing it. Then all of a sudden some poor fool attempts to do the right thing, give an adequate perspective on the nature of unsliced bread, say something like THSH and it's like a honey pot for the WTF's.

Sunday, May 21, 2017

Social Democracy

May 21st 1871 was a Sunday. And on this day in 1871 the French Army marched into Paris where they basically spent the next five days rounding up and killing Parisians who had held elections and who had declare themselves a Social Democracy.

In those days Social Democracy was the idea that society should be arranged around the wishes of the many. All sorts of problems with that not least of which is the idea that Social Democracy is an evil plot to undermine "Democracy."

Saturday, May 20, 2017

Local Gossp

For those interested the Compost Pile is 95 degrees Fahrenheit. Ambient temperature in the shade is around 87 degrees Fahrenheit and the device that measures humidity must be broken because it only reads 60%.

Meanwhile Strawberries and Asparagus have done their stuff for this year, first harvest of Chard, Bush Beans are up, Potato are well into bloom, Spinach is bolting and it's only May 20th.  Last real sight of a genuine frost was sometime the end of March, I think.

Friday, May 19, 2017


While turning the Compost Pile this morning it occurred to me that I had fundamentalist tendencies. And as often happens when the mind deteriorates I began to realize that the word fundamentalist has a meaning beyond the militant evangelists who stand in opposition to liberal and secular values. I went on to remind myself that 'values' is one of those words that cause an allergic reaction in my being. By the time I was ready to plunge the Compost Thermometer into the heart of the Compost Pile I realized that I had a fundamental problem with the idea of Compost Pile Thermometer.

The thing about a Compost Pile Thermometer is that a gardener has to spend much of his day wondering what the temperature of his Compost Pile might be, and more worrying, whether he placed the thermometer into a hot or cold spot within his Compost File. In some ways a Compost Pile Thermometer is yet another example of an insidious technology that worms its way into a persons life and proceeds to dominate the thought processes. All very well suggesting that a person should moderate the passions, put for example a Compost Pile Thermometer into a more reasonable perspective, but we fundamentalists just don't seem to be able to that.

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Social Skills

Naturally the Girl Cat and I have had words between us, we've discussed all things great and small, we've had our disagreements respecting life style choices, eating habits, the electorate and it's quite a long list. Then there's been the occasional critical comment from me addressed to the cut grass which does insist upon growing in a rampant and entirely unnecessary manner.

As well there are subterranean members of the community here that can produce ultimate questions about the meaning of life and the purpose of being because they seem to have the answers. But not certain that I've spoken more than twenty words to a member of my own species in the past month, this means when The Artist returns tomorrow I might be a little garrulous around Compost Pile temperatures and Hoppy Bug.