Friday, June 15, 2012

Saint John's feast

    Just as well some of us are alert and present in the world.  It came as a small voice, which I ignored at first because being incorrect is something I respond badly to.  My first instinct was to continue regardless, glare at the obvious, a little foot stamping at the right moment, followed by incoherent explanation of why I am right.  But grudgingly, I'll agree that this year the Summer Solstice does fall on the Twentieth of June which is a Wednesday, not a Thursday.  

     I guess it's the word 'solstice' which fills me with a sense of it as belonging to some nut eating pomposity that causes me to shrink into a deep cynicism and sneering.  I hate writing the word 'solstice' down, about as much as I hate the word 'pearls.'  It shakes that part of me that dislikes hats, horse races, boxing, the goatee and Shakespearean Actors.  Which is why I prefer 'The Twenty First of June' or the 'Twenty First of December.'  And I'll agree this still sounds like yet one more excuse for ineptitude and a fear of real things, but I would point out I am merely following the footsteps of Priests, Republicans, Democrats and those scientists who have television shows. 

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