Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Best Ever

      Big Day for those who have invested good money in devices that record television programs.  They can now wander off to their bed at a respectable hour this evening, and then in the morning instead of watching moronic discussions by overly eager men and women chasing a questionable career, they can watch the night sky being blasted by gun powder.  An incomprehensible, yet thoroughly fascinating spectacle first devised by the Chinese several thousand years ago.

      This year, as usual, it is going to be the "Best Ever." Something to wow us masses with awesomeness, loud bangs, celebration of glory, flag parades, bunting, cooked meat, stuff on a stick and aren't we fantastic.  A cynic of course would better understand it as the circus part of bread and circuses.  Me, I'm not a well adjusted person, so I watch it on the off chance something goes terribly wrong.  

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