Wednesday, January 16, 2013



     Some of us are close to saturation point, not as a consequence of current weather conditions, but rather as a consequence of a structural deficit that worships unfairness by conceiving of it as successfulness.

      Yes, I should be permitted to own a rocket launcher with infrared sights on the off chance an official from the census bureau or a Coypu  waddles down the lane, and everyone I know agrees with me.



Gin said...

"...and everyone I know agrees with me."

I have no idea what I'm agreeing to, but I know you and know you to be an honest, reasonable person, so go for it...the rocket launcher, or at the very least, a 12 ga shotgun.

tim candler said...

It's a dilemma that you sum up so well. I saw what looked like a Coypu. We gave each other a terrible shock in the barn, and I could well have overreacted and become very unreasonable. Maybe it was a Beaver. And last time the census was taken I thought their representative really very charming. We talked about Heritage Raspberry, the folly of buying fruit trees from Stark Brothers and her irritation with an outdated map on her global positioning unit.

Gin said...

Fortunately I've never met a real live census taker. I've always been able to lie on paper rather than face to face.