Sunday, March 10, 2013

Anno Domini

   OK.  It's all about Forsythia bloom, Cedar Gall, and the morning after hangover from an excess of exertion that gave shine to the shovel.  These past months I have not been saintly, I have pontificated through the valley of sloth and I have feared no evil. 

      I now have a waddle Sumo Wrestlers might envy.  My hands are soft, my elegant wrists limp from daintiness, my wing and knee in so terrible a revolt I firmly believe they will shortly secede. 


Gin said...

I can sympathize to the nth degree. The raspberries, which until today, lacked a bed in which to grow. Their new residence has now been dethatched, shoveled, derooted, composted, fertilized, forked and planted. May my back rest in peace. Thank you ever so much for having shared the plants with me. I so look forward to someday having berries for breakfast.

tim candler said...

Truly welcome to what could become a curse. I think I remember your own account of Raspberry becoming more troublesome than Privet. Back when car batteries were used to gather worms, perhaps. Raspberry do have the inclination to travel in unwanted directions, and possibly they encourage Grackle. So cannon and howitzers might again be needed.

Gin said...

Yes, my early raspberries traveled extensively. The husband (who put them out) chose to do so right alongside the in one foot away, so there was an immediate war. The only reason the strawberries won was because I was on their side. (Never challenge a woman who knows how to use a grubbing hoe.) The present raspberries are surrounded by grass. Hopefully the mower will suffice to keep them under control, but if not, there's always the hoe.