Friday, April 12, 2013

Rain Day

    A good wet day should be spent in something like a garden shed. Listening to rain, in company with a push mower blade, drinking cold coffee and blowing cigarette smoke at Bumble Bees.  Then, naturally enough, a person feels something crawling up his leg, he rips of his trousers, loses his glasses, gets bitten by a Spider and the day begins to deteriorate. 

      Quite why it is Spiders bite people I don't know.  It's possible they think of us as huge meals. Great big jelly roll doughnuts with the Raspberry flavored filling, very prominent and noisy in the grocery aisle, with just enough sugar and deep fried bleached flour to cause salivating of mouth parts, a box of them on sale for two ninety five.  It's also possible Spiders bite people to discourage us.


Gin said...

I absolutely HATE spiders! I'll take a good slinky four foot snake any day.

tim candler said...
10-1-06 through 10-2-06
I agree with you about the bigger spider.
Some thing four foot and slinky, is fine as long as it's running away and not rearing up trying to make conversation.

Gin said...

Yes, I agree given that their side of the conversation consists of only one long, threatening hissssssssss.