Saturday, August 24, 2013

Zoo Keeper

I remember a zoo keeper, writing about the advantages for  an animal kept in a zoo, as opposed to an animal out there in the wild, free to roam and steal people's Apples or their Peaches, nibble their Chard, tunnel under their Carrots, randomly peck at their Tomato.  Wild animals he claimed were beset by Botfly, Worms of the intestine, Ulcerating sores, Tic borne sickness and the list went on.

But once under the care of a zoo keeper, such pestilence receded into a past, leaving creatures of the wild free to enjoy their being without itching or scratching, and little chance of their succumbing to horrible wasting pox or themselves having to endure the gore of becoming somebody else's food. And I mention all this because Horse Fly have arrived.


Gin said...

And city folks wonder why cows suddenly go mad, rushing around fields from fence to fence, tail swatting, feet kicking.

tim candler said...

Horse Fly this year -- Very, Very Big. I mean cup of sugar Large. Huge. And determined.

Gin said...

Rough, but if you need mosquitoes to keep them company, I'll be glad to box up a bunch of the little blood suckers and send them your way.