Monday, September 16, 2013

Travelling With Basil

 Last time I travelled with Apples in buckets, and along with us came that menagerie of flying things prone to excitement when Apples begin to mature in a bucket.

 This time I'll be travelling with Basil in buckets.  They are Mammoth Leaved and I hope my digging them out of the ground so freshness might be preserved all the way until slaughter, does not upset them.

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Nail Guns

In preparation for dry walling, it was yet one more chance to curse a predecessor, or the one who came with hammer before. He was impatient of  being, the odd screw head ripped to shreds, and certainly he used one of those bloody nail guns.

Have to think nail guns are the least amenable to the good humor of he who comes after with hammer and pry bar.  Why put four nails where just two were needed.  A most aggravating and long armed man.

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Sorrows of the Wicked.

Regret to say that I was not "Upright in Heart."  I did not  "Shout for Joy." I would have been more "glad" had the word  "practicum" never been used. Nor was I  in anyway "Righteous," because there is something barbaric about paying five dollars for a pound of Corn Flower, even if it was grown on a mountain top using no till techniques, shovels of the short handled variety, scavenged cardboard, imported horse manure and let lie composts.

And if I look further into Psalm 32, I can begin to sense King David coming to the conclusion that the Lord must have well drenched me with both iniquity and guile and therefore I am doomed to the "many sorrows of the wicked." Nor was I the only one who smoked four cigarettes at the nut eater retreat. And yes I will probably be going to hell.

Friday, September 13, 2013

The Value of Curtains

I can think of a mind as a collection of rooms haphazardly  built over time. Ancient, some of these rooms, and no fault of mine. Many half forgotten, left to ruin. Others not quite complete. Still more on drawing boards. The thing that is you or I, can move from one room to another. We can be present in any one of them. There are kitchens, there are dormitories, there are sitting rooms, there are dark rooms where the light is poor, there are bright rooms where sun shines, and some rooms too difficult to recall.

If I sit in one room, I can become easily distracted by another. And too, I can cross the corridor find rooms that are purgatory, where the colors are wrong, the table upside down, and something unpleasant under the carpet, but I have no vacuum cleaner and no hands to return the table to its place, repaint the walls, wipe cobwebs from the window. Then if I look out of the window I can see eyes staring back at me. Which is why curtains are quite useful.

Thursday, September 12, 2013


September is one of those turning months for those of us who claim territory in the degrees north of the Tropic of Cancer.  The more eccentric amongst us love September because it heralds cold and January and stuff like skiing.  Woolly hats, socks and even crueler impediments.  Others wonder way it was, that our species ever ventured further than about a thousand miles north or south of the Equator.

 But this year of 2013 and into what remains of my future, I will not vouchsafe the psalms of Spring and Summer. Too much of my time spent moaning in the Hippo Wallow.  And as the Weather Man becomes all excited by the prospect of "chill," the possibilities of "colder than average winter" and "thunder snow," I will remain silent.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Siege of Sidney Street

Sometime in December 1910 three policemen were shot dead by rifle fire during the investigation of a burglary. Some have suggested the burglars were anarchists.  By January 1911 two suspects were holed up in 100 Sidney Street, and surrounded by unarmed policemen.  Home Secretary Winston Churchill ordered in military units from the Scots Guards, and made the terrible mistake of himself going down to Sidney Street so that he could both watch and interfere and generally make a fool of himself. 

 Churchill's secretary, reprimanded him for leaving the Office of the Home Secretary, thus opening himself up to criticism from every quarter including the popular press and songsters everywhere. And in all the excitement, Churchill, in his reply to his secretary, forgot to disguise his lisp. "Now Charlth, don't be croth.  It wath thuch fun." 100 Sidney Street gutted by fire, the two suspects and one fireman were dead.  And though I have not fully checked to make certain, I do not believe the Scots Guards ever considered  "The Siege of Sidney Street"  a battle honor.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Soul as Caged Bird

On the "soul" Plutarch was something of a dualist. The soul, he decided was "eternal after death." When it was part of a body it was like a "caged bird." A restlessness. But when the soul remained in a body for a long time, it became tame. And after the release that follows death, such a tame soul would develop a hankering, or perhaps a nosiness, to once again involve itself in the affairs of the living and it would return to inhabit another being. And probably for Plutarch, that other being was a person in the form of a new born.

 He did have wonderful things to say about what he called "other living things". It was his opinion that when "other living things" became old and "useless" they weren't to be thrown away as one might an old shoe. Whether he thought plants "other living things" I just don't know. Nor can I grasp what he might have meant by "useless."

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Apples and Flyingsaurus

Long trip with Apples. Some of them I'll call "on the verge." By Charleston a first generation of Fruit Fly had procreated, and by Beckley the fourth or fifth generation of Fruit Fly had clearly mutated into what I will call "Flyingsaurus." About the size of a Cluster Fly.

And if by chance you are ever persuaded to pause at the rest stop where you could some years ago feast on a dish called "Galloping Herd," the answer is they do sell fly swatters, aspirins and artisanal items, but not aerosol cans that squirt insect repelling spray.