Friday, November 1, 2013

Beak Envy

I can understand why it would be very useful sometimes to have a beak.  Myself, I would go for something like the beak a Pileated Woodpecker is born to. On an off moment I would then be able to relieve frustration by reducing bits of wood to shards, without ever risking damage to my hands.

I could also use such a beak to decimate the population of the wood boring Bumble Bee that are beginning to reduce garden fence posts to structures a sea sponge might be proud of.  Holes and passages, corridors and conference chambers, excavated to such a point that I am well on the way to believing that the garden has become a Mecca for Bumble Borer culture.  And to think I once thought chasing Bumble Borers with tennis rackets bad form.

1 comment:

Gin said...

I'll suggest a badminton instead. Much easier on the wrist, and it doesn't hurt as much when the occasional over-swing brings it into contact with the shin.