Sunday, December 15, 2013

Calvin's Version

I have spent much more time than is healthy reading Calvin's Commentaries. I had them all downloaded from the religious nut libraries that dot the internet. Bedtime reading during travel I had concluded. A slow relax through long sentences and precise words, one can expect from a Frenchman born in 1509 and translated by  "The Calvin Translation Society." But I just can't get away from the idea that Translation should be the work of one person.

 So I find myself picturing a society at the work of  such sentences as "Woe upon Nebo! for it is laid waste."  And I ask myself,  is that what Calvin in his version of the scripture actually meant when he sat down with his quill to think?  But, as translated, Calvin's Version Jeremiah 26: "Make him drunk, for against Jehovah hath he magnified him-self; And roll himself shall Moab in his own vomit; And he also shall be a derision." Can only be the work of a single mind.  Incidentally,  "Nebo," I am told, is a Babylonian word for God, which sadly doesn't quite cut it as an expletive.  But "May you roll in your own vomit," certainly does it for me.

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