Monday, December 23, 2013

Northern Harrier

A Northern Harrier dominates the western field. He's there in a graceful way, but you understand he frightens the Mockingbird and so a Northern Harrier can never be my friend.  I believe last Springtime he lingered on into something like the middle of May. We wondered for a while whether he would nest, which he does on the ground, in the denser clumps of Thorn and Honeysuckle.

They say that amongst Hawks, the Northern Harrier is Owl-like in his hunting habits.  He drifts this way and that, low to the ground, looking and listening, flipping sideways at the unsuspecting. In my world at least, he's welcome to the odd Cardinal, he's permitted all the Vole he can eat, but not Meadow Larks or Mockingbird.

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