Saturday, March 8, 2014

Se Rediculiser

The aggrandizement, and better to put a 'the' before the word rather than an 'an,' otherwise it begins to sound like a technical description rather than the subjective and derogatory expression that I prefer. And a funny thing too, for those of us who might call ourselves "primitive grammarians," is the distinction between "The Pompous Arse" and "A Pompous Arse." And if you're trying to polish whatever  French you might be in possession of, by reading headlines from the  AFP, you soon find that "se rediculiser" pretty much covers everything in any language.

'Se' means oneself, and I believe it can also mean 'themselves.'   'Se rediculiser' probably means to make a fool of oneself. And here there are some who would prefer the word 'translates' to the vague and wishy-washy  'probably means.' But I am one of those people who turns purple when confronted by the semi-colon, so stuff like  'past participle' and  'intransitive reflexive verb' absolutely informs me why it is I believe there could be something wrong with our species.

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