Thursday, August 7, 2014

Cardinals, Wrens and Velvet Ants

I believe all feathered creatures except Cardinals have finished with producing another generation for this year. The Barn Wren, a Carolina Wren, fledged two chicks just the other day. The one chick a little smaller than the other, and the larger chic had a tremendous beak and very big feet compared to flight feathers and tail.

Boy Velvet Ants are in a bit of a swarm as they hunt down wingless Girl Velvet Ants. And I have yet to see a Girl Velvet Ant, so good luck to them. And I have to say that Boy Velvet Ants are not gracious or elegant flyers, and they can be kind of scary because they pretty much land on anything that moves.

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Gin said...

We still have robins building nests here. When the poor babies hatch, they won't have any strawberries to eat. Tsk, tsk, isn't that a rotten shame.