Saturday, August 16, 2014

Compost Pile Naming

Itzel, not Ivy, but perhaps Isabella is heavily shaded. She's back there in the corner, she's very woody, so she'll probably out last me. Her character is best described as, acceptance. Into her embrace go the roots of those things which are unwanted by the pickier heathens that surround her.

She's a sort of cathedral in my mind, a stalwart, a worshiper of permanence, a  voice in a wilderness of change. I can think of her and feel comforted merely by the knowledge of her presence.  And she has a good view of Saint Teresa of Avila, which is just as well because Ingrid, Isolde or Isis knows all, and will sometimes look at me funny. 


Gin said...

Perhaps Iambe, the goddess of mirth?

tim candler said...

What a beautiful name. And perfect for her. Saint Teresa's been reading the newspapers and was rather confused by Isis.