Friday, August 22, 2014

Me, Girl Names, Saint Teresa and Compost Piles

Not certain the extent to which my own name should appear in a Compost Naming Sentence. Not a big fan of ownership, despite the intense reaction I have to trespass by others upon what I think of as my own territory suggesting otherwise. So it's possible my own idea of ownership, might for example include a particular parking spot at the Post Office.

And it's also possible that I have a dualism around the idea of ownership that is very irrational and totally unsupportable. And it's also possible that because I have committed to girl names for Compost Piles, putting  my own name in front of a transitive verb that's any where near girl names is something Saint Teresa might think of as a downhill into one of the few words in the English language that has two Y's in it.


Gin said...

I dunno. I've always thought of St Teresa as a forgiving sort. We heap all manner of stuff on her, and I don't think she thrown any of it back yet, has she???

tim candler said...

She's a saint until it starts raining heavily. One things for certain, she really appreciates her flower, it's still blooming