Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Cats and Dogs

I've no idea about the title "Elgon Caldera." But I did have an Anonymous correspondent who wrote this. "Thanks very much for finally writing about > Untitled < I liked it." And then there was something about whether I was interested in a dietary supplement that would improve my memory and do away with all need for exercise. Something I am actually very interested in. But of course one does now and then get the odd crank, the odd marble floating around out there, and I can tell you Romania and Indonesia have their fair share of them.

Not certain that this particular Anonymous correspondent, who is rather obsessed by dietary supplements and oddly enough 'photo enhancements,' has quite grasped the problem of Titles. Not every thing can be called "Untitled" because if they were, I have to think our world would be even more confusing. Hard enough already in the course of communication to remember the title of something like a tin-opener, but maybe that's just me. However he or she does have a point. Titles belong to categorization. And I've been told, when writing pulp the title is supposed to both entice and target. "Cats and Dogs on the Elgon Caldera." Not much to do with the story, but Rain Lovers and Pet People might like it.


Anonymous said...

Leopards and trains far more interesting than Elgon Caldera which would be more important with "THE" name Elgon may catch on.
Cats and dogs are so cute and nauseating....puhleeez.

tim candler said...

You're so right. Elgon Caldera sounds like mountaineering, which at the moment it is a bit. The other irritating thing about Elgon is that it does sound a little like the name of a Labrador.