Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Day One

Day One, I could call it. But if I did it would be an unforgivable exaggeration. It's not Day One, it's more like day nine thousand, which is about the number of times I have tried to give up smoking. And incidentally this is the third Day One so far this week.

 It's all very well saying things like "only the weak minded smoke cigarettes, we strong minded people like dieting and drinking large quantities of low carb alcohol." Well I'll tell you this much, as far as I'm concerned tomorrow might be as good a Day One as any.


hanibal said...

What do you mean Cigarettes general theory.

Gin said...

I did 19 consecutive "Day Ones" last month. Ran from the 2nd until the 21st. I consider that an amazing amount of irrational stick-to-i-tive-ness.

tim candler said...

Thank You Gin. Thank you very Much!

"Stick-to-i-tive-ness" is clearly the perfect subtitle for "A General Theory of Cigarettes."