Thursday, February 5, 2015

Eric's Nativity Scene

I'd like to think that members of Mrs. X's clan where about eighteen inches tall, had no tails, were not too hairy and primarily lived their lives in woodland canopy where they built nests. And I'd like also to believe that in order to build their nests they'd forage for nesting materials by leaving the safety of the canopy and venturing on to the ground. I mention this because in the developing ideas about how to properly celebrate Eric Day the word crèche has been raised.

An interesting word with German and French origins, and one which has been associated with nativity. When nativity has a capital letter as in "Nativity" it essentially references the birth of Jesus as opposed to just any old person. All the same I think Eric should have a Crèche in any reproduction of his Nativity scene. There'll probably be no camels, they'd not been invented forty million years ago but the idea of the Magi might well be achieved through a representation of Clausewitz's shock and awe on the faces of fellow creatures such as the early Lemurs that might have gathered around.


Anonymous said...

I know where there's a fabulous camel who would love to be a part of the creche.

tim candler said...

My own rather radical view of Eric's Nativity scene is that we should make every attempt at authenticity. I'm told that during the Eocene there was a "Camel Like Antelope" It was about the size of a goat, it walked on its tiptoes. And the other thing, Eric's Nativity scene, as I at least envisage it, is a large nest, high up in the branches of a sturdy tree. I suppose there could be something like a goat tethered to the base of the tree. And the question I guess, is "Do goats walk on their tiptoes."