Sunday, May 3, 2015


The Hurrah-Hurrah part of May might already be behind us. The blessing of clean air, distant blue skies, light drying breeze and sunshine is a cost when there's no rain. This means hosepipe.

Nobody likes a hosepipe. And they are particularly obnoxious in May. Maybe Mice chew on them during the hosepipe hibernation season, but more likely hosepipes just don't like us.

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Gin said...

My garden hose could have doubled as a sprinkler system when I hooked it up the other day. It's now been whacked in two and reassembled with a handy, dandy plug between the two halves. Have to wonder, though, how much tugging that plug will take before it slips loose. I'm sure no matter when that is, I'll get soaked in the bargain.