Friday, July 31, 2015

Diligence as Pain in the Neck

To beat further on the drum of Book Five and a Half, and in the interest of full disclosure your writer of pulp had given consideration to the idea of Book Five Point One. The thing is, "and a" according to the professionals  don't deserve to be given capitals, whereas "Point" does. But possibly if we're all very lucky A Windral will finally pass though the brick wall of editing and "common Sense" will prevail.

It's a strange moment to decide to put something into the past. Kind of like throwing a stone into a deep lake, its suddenly gone to ripples of regret, ennui and there's a long list of painful and ugly potentials that may cause the world to end. "A fist sighting of sheep" and why have I failed to grasp the distinction between their and there. The Golden Horde, or is it Hoard. I should have learned Esperanto when I had my chance.

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