Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Orcadians and Kafka

The cure is lethargy, an hour or two with the weather forecasts, abstaining from the comment sections of newspapers, shaving irregularly and a little canning in the company of the outdoor stove with its community of fiercely defensive biting creatures. It's not that complicated. But I do have a copy of the Atlas Maior of 1665, it's a Printed With Suspect Ink Edition from the less feudal decade of the 1990's, some smart-arse reckoned the coffee table book buying public might be interested and I fell for it when the Books A Million business model was surrendering to the inevitable.

Yes indeed those where the bad old days before Hedge Funds owned countries and state agencies had a proper handle on the security risk posed by whether its populace used nail scissors or nail clippers. Quite what happened, I don't know. But back in the 1930's Edwin and Willa Muir first translated Franz Kafka's Das Schloss from the German into English. Kafka himself had been dead a while when his work entered the lexicons of the more fashionable English Speaking People. Edwin Muir himself was an Orcadian, which means he was born on the Orkney Islands, a kind of isolated and lonely place where Puffins also live. Yet sometime today, I will attempt to shave.

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