Friday, August 21, 2015

A Moment in the Gymnasium

The obsessions of others are sometimes interesting. Not always, but sometimes. An "Outsider" quality in some obsessions can manifest in objects, they can make very little sense to an observer but as objects they can tickle curiosity. And your correspondent is slowly realizing that his own obsessions might call for some sort medication, or correct posture, or perhaps deep breathing exercises

The argument, however, is that while all living things, because each and every one of them is essentially an anomaly, are necessarily obsessed. Sadly we are not Euclidian geometry. But the pejorative term "obsession" is only applied to behaviors that appear to produce nothing useful or which are incomprehensible. In other words we're all obsessed, but within the context of a particular environment some are better at concealing it than others. And it's true mental gymnastics are a great source of comfort and joy. 

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