Sunday, November 29, 2015


MC Escher was a Frisian. He was born somewhere in the middle of The Netherlands. Some will call him an Artist, others will call him a Mathematician even if he was no good at his sums. He died in 1972 in March. I don't know whether he spoke West Frisian, which is not yet an endangered language. Escher liked the same mathematical patterns that Ancient Sumerians around six thousand years ago liked to carve into stone.

The pattern is laid out on a flat surface, and when you look at it, your eye, through your mind, can see a third dimension. There's a great difference between an eye, a voice and an ear, but the information all goes to the same place. It would be easy to think of that place as a sort of number cruncher with memory. At the same time you'd have to think it's a number cruncher with attitude. And it's the attitude part that's so difficult to pin down. It's the Saterland Frisian language that's endangered. Wonder whether it's an attitude issue.


Gin said...

My, my...all this time I thought Frisians were cattle. Thank you for bringing that to my attention. Amazing the change that the addition of one small letter can make.

tim candler said...

Tricky spelling. I checked it again. The horse originated in Friesland. The cow from Northern Friesland. Frisians are the ethnic group. So you're right.