Sunday, January 10, 2016

4% and Bogies

Alright Guys. The O-6-O Shunter manages a 4% incline on a curve that has a 6 inch radius. And it'll pull one eight metal wheeled Caboose and one modified eight metal wheeled Bulk Carrier up and around those curves. The carriages each have two bogies and these bogies don't turn on the carriage frame as far as they might and as a result stick a little on the 6 inch curve.

Modification of carriages is tricky, one false move with the blade and there may well have to be an N Scale knackers yard and an N Scale Emergency Ward. But it's all good and I still reckon if it had more carriages the 0-6-0 could pull at least two more of them up and around 4% inclines, and it could probably manage a total of six carriages so long as those carriages are all curve friendly. 

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