Friday, January 29, 2016

A Huge Relief

It can be disappointing to realize our hero is an heroic hero rather than super-hero. The distinction is well marked by Timotei Candlemass' failure to grasp the board game of GO. An ordinary common or garden super-hero would understand GO but to an heroic hero GO is about as mysterious as it gets. It's up there with Algorithms, Professional Wrestling, the Olympics and skiing.

Sadly for a writer of pulp the flaws within an heroic hero often call for gymnastic thinking in the search of sometimes elegant answers. Currently one solution is to arrange matters such that our hero becomes dependant upon someone who does grasp the game. In the Mercian Court that's easily done. The Lord Liege of Shropshire will win our heroic Saxon in a most dramatic game of Tabular, or GO, and all will be well. A huge relief for me.

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