Friday, January 22, 2016

A Shivering Naraka

Oh well, not everyone's perfect. Lessons learned I guess. Metrix, I think they're called by the truly insane. The known, unknowns, and the unknown, knowns. There's a whole raft of possible expressions to answer the question why a person might have left his snow shovel and snow shoveling boots in the barn rather than a little closer, like maybe the back porch of his domicile.

But it's true, in the winter wonderland a mind does begin to wander, it settles to a pattern which might best be called "blank," it understands that hell is not a hot place, there's no fire in hell, it's more like a snow dune place, the devils are little white twirls and the sound of branches falling to the weight of ice. The Sabeans were absolutely correct, we should never have wandered north.


Gin said...

I'm guessing that the distance between the house and barn has tripled since I was there last. Right?

tim candler said...

It's now hiking boot distance, but once you get there it's warm and cozy