Monday, January 4, 2016


Because of Monday, 2016 begins today. Resolutions will naturally include a couple of random statements about general attitude toward the short days, shaving more regularly, the importance of physical exercise, the centrality of our hero's role in The Vestry at Monnow to the future of Western Civilization and ultimately the thing about resolutions is their futile and self serving nature.

I mean who really cares if in the second half hour of the day your correspondent rouses himself from what's loosely referred to as "His Chair" ventures forth into the frigid front porch air where he engages in a number romantic and poorly coordinated Tai Chi gestures in order to determine whether his heart is still capable of pumping blood. The Little Boy Buck with his two spike antlers takes absolutely no notice so why should anyone else.


Gin said...

But you never know who/what might be lurking in the trees on the far hill beyond the drain. And this time of year with no obstructing leaves...well, are most definitely bare to the world.

tim candler said...

Come to think of it I guess it must look a little peculiar. Thanks for the good excuse to remain firmly indoors on the colder mornings.