Saturday, January 30, 2016

Saint Barbara

Saint Barbara's Tunnel needs shrubs and trees, things that climb and maybe a field of sunflower to cheer her up. But it's where to put Saint Barbara's Church that troubles. There are several possible splendid locations, all of them isolated, which means we're talking access. It's the case too that a diligent Soul would embark upon a pilgrimage barefoot, sack clothed and well ashed, and this means we're talking worn footpath that wind in the same way that Sheep paths wind, rather than landing strips for giant airplanes, air conditioned lobbies and a Holiday Inn. Always worth remembering that a great many of the more humble Saints have wells named after them. Saint Winifred's Well, for example. Not everyone has a Cathedral.

And here it's necessary for the N-scale Modeler to realize that Saint Barbara had a very, very miserable life. In his attempt to bend her to his will, her possessive Pagan father took great pains to torment her. His name was something like Dioscorus, he really was a horrible man and after many attempts to escape him Saint Barbara was finally trapped by a justice system which considered Christianity a Terrorist Organization that belonged to an Axis of Evil and she was sentenced to death. Dioscorus agreed to be his own daughter's executioner and after the deed was done, on his way home, he was rightly struck by lightning and then consumed by flame. So there's a great deal to think about.

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