Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Scenery and Track People

While "Alright Guys" might be a model train enthusiast's Utube opening statement in some parts of the world, the simple "OK" figures quite large in opening statements from other parts of the world. As well there are different areas of interest, track-laying, scenery, engine reviews and the host is wide ranging. Interesting to your correspondent is the sense he gets that different areas of interest occupy different personalities. Scenery People, those interested in rocks, landforms, lakes, rivers and so on, tend to be a little rambling, emotional and easily side-tracked by ancillary thoughts associated with an often disastrous personal life.

Track Layers are usually more pompous, they tend to be purists, prone to reminisce, and a person can't help but reckon them a little Right Wing in their political affiliations. They use words like "Remote Frogs," "Pico Flex," "Code 55," "I'm going to hand lay my next layout" and it can all get very confusing for novice Utube viewer. The other interesting thing between Track Layers and Scenery People is the distribution of hair on the backs of their hands. I've not done a complete study, a more random sampling rather than anything remotely scientific, but strangely Scenery People tend to have more hair on the backs of their fingers than the Track Layers.

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