Saturday, January 23, 2016

Tree in Bloom?

Alright Guys, it's a big tree. It's about 50 foot tall, it spans about 70 foot, its trunk is about 3 foot diameter and as a tree it's trying to enjoy the warmer weather. It's made of wire, sawdust, glue, the spongy stuff from carpet underlay, paint, drywall tape and batting.

I'd call it some kind of Oak Tree, or maybe a Horse Chestnut which could be in bloom, or maybe someone has just accidently dropped a whole bunch of sawdust from helicopter onto its branches. Mind you it was supposed to be a Tulip Poplar, but what with one thing and another it didn't quite work out.

1 comment:

Gin said...

Good job!!!! Definitely not a poplar tree shape, but it could be an oak or a maple. Truly an admirable job.