Sunday, January 24, 2016


In any discussion there's always a chance that one of the parties to the discussion will enter an area which I will call Nonsense. I know this, because in most discussions entering the area of Nonsense is something I am very prone to. I don't know why it happens, and I have learned to accept this mental anomaly with what I reckon is good humor.

And too, most of the discussions in my world are actually between parts of my own mind. In short there's pretty much of a quarrel going on inside of me all the time. Then it snows, and the desperate question is how much snow. Well there's no simple answer. And after long, sometimes difficult debate, we've either had 3 foot 8 inches of snow, or 11 inches of snow.


Gin said...

Just wait until next year. Looking back you'll swear it was 5 feet of the white stuff and 30 degrees below zero. Mark my words.

tim candler said...

I'll be there by February. Snow depth is already creeping up and temperatures are already creeping down. But one thing's for sure, The Electric Company are like Gods at the moment. No power cut.