Sunday, January 3, 2016

Weather Issues

There's an increase of adjectives in the world of weather forecasting and a certain wariness from those of us who stalk Weather Forecasters. Never let it be said that weather forecasting as a creative form is without its moments of preamble, those steps in the narrative that leave the audience guessing, waiting and hoping. The form is a long way from Comedy, unless interpretive dance, drawing lines on maps etc. can ever be thought of as humorous, so I guess that leaves the Weather Forecaster's genre somewhere between Mystery and Horror with Weather Forecaster as hero.

Perhaps more important is how in a world that's approximately 38 square feet is the role of Weather Forecaster written. Keep in mind that this world runs from the rocky hills of Kentucky through the Down Lands familiar to the Celts of Britannia to a switching yard in the rainless swamplands a little North of Lake Victoria. Certainly a tricky problem, but there is light at the end of the tunnel in the form a Doppler Radar Station ringed by a contingent of determined dancers, some carrying spears, others dressed as Druids and a couple of guys with brief cases taking notes, and clearly it's the Doppler Radar Station who emerges as hero. 

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