Saturday, February 6, 2016

Citizens and Subjects

In the USA a political process is winnowing candidates. At the moment it's all up there in dreams of savior through obvious and simple solutions rather than anything remotely substantive. This gathering of the clans are called Primaries and in time the champions will meet on a Thursday in November of this year. Essentially we'll be electing a Monarch called a president who'll reign for four years, and we'll also be electing a great many of his or her courtiers, so it's what you might call a Big Day for a Citizen in a Republic who gets his chance to deny the condition of Subject without resorting to weapons.

Interesting for the Existentialist, if there are any left, is the wandering around the idea of a Candidate as authentic. The Clans of the Elephant have again stumbled into their definition of the Authentic Conservative, who might not be what he seems. They can tell you who he isn't but they've no idea who or what he is. The Clans of the Donkey walk the tightrope between the meanings of  Progressive, Liberal, Socialist, Communist, Wall Street and the knot would impress Gordian. Better to think of it all as steps in a dance, the colors of feathers, the drum beat and a crown of thorns, otherwise a person can get deeply depressed.

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