Sunday, February 21, 2016

South Carolina

We've got rain, thunder, a little bit of visible lightning this morning and two Populist Candidates for High Office. One is a Billionaire, the other is a Gentle Socialist called Bernie. The Establishment is experiencing Shock and Awe. Think Tanks and the Chattering Classes are anxiously hunting down new ideas that might earn them a polite dollar before the Apocalypse is Now. The old problem is how to define Conservative with words that don't include bigoted, white, backward looking or Christian.

The Third Bush put away his spectacles and bowed out gracefully. The Second Clinton is sharpening her claws. There's a scary Canadian religious nut called Cruz or Trusted. There's a mother's boy from Florida called Rubio with the eyes of a reptile the mind of a car salesman. There's a former Brain Surgeon who reckons the Pyramids of Egypt were built to store grain and there's a Governor from Ohio who hugs crying men to demonstrate compassion. The nice thing about the USA is that pretty much anyone, who isn't poor or homeless or foreign, can run for Office.

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