Saturday, March 12, 2016

Our Lady's Bird

To don the hat of a pompous ass, which incidentally is blue and green, it's made of felt, it has a peak and a point, a little bell and a flight feather from a Turkey, quite fetching in the right light, the Ladybird Beetle or Lady Beetles are not what they call True Bugs. To find a True Bug you have to go to the Shield Bug and Stink Bug, the Plant and Leaf Hoppers, the Aphids and so on, any little creature that has six legs, mouth parts that pierce and whose eggs can hatch without necessarily being fertilized so they can populate the planet in an afternoon should they chose to. Bed Bugs are True Bugs, the Cicada is an edible True Bug but the Lovebug is a Fly and the May Bug is a beetle.

The Ladybug, or Ladybird Beetle, or Lady Beetle gets his or her name from the scarlet color. In a very distant past, and probably still today, Mary the mother of the Christian Prophet Jesus was often depicted wearing a red cloak. Your pompous ass has seen a few of these depictions, and she does look a little like Little Red Riding Hood, which frankly I find sinister. Either way in the early records, in what might have been early English, the Lady Beetle was referred to as "Our Lady's Bird" and I believe in modern German Lady Beetles are still called "Marybeetles." The point is that Ladybirds are voracious predators, and they spend a lot of time hunting down and eating True Bugs when they're not hanging out or fussing around in the room where I sleep.

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