Friday, April 22, 2016


Some of us are perhaps a little preoccupied with birds. It's their ever present nature perhaps, they're all over the place, but more likely it's their ability to fly. If birds skittered through grass, climbed trees, leapt from branch to branch, and didn't chatter quite so much it would be a whole different and very much more nerve-racking story which might require something like walking around with a hockey stick all day.

Either way, the Thrashers have young and so do the Bluebirds. There was a Mister Field Sparrow giving me the evil eye near the Asparagus this morning a sure sign a Field Sparrow pair is again eyeing a secret nest territory somewhere in the Vegetable Garden, which is always so very awkward for a gardener, so difficult to pretend not to notice. But one day Birds might achieve the distinction of being able to nest in the air, a sort of floating nest that hides in clouds and you'd need a telescope to spot one. Sadly I'll not be here to see that kind of peace and quiet.

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