Monday, April 4, 2016

Non-List Writers Unite

The Brown Thrashers have really settled in around here. The Girl Thrasher is almost impossible to tell apart from the Boy Thrasher and when it comes to the quarrel they have with their cousins the Mockingbird, Thrasher's gang up, and there it is the classic behavior of a list writing bird, she is egging the male of her pair into greater and greater feats of aggression against my comrade.

It's all jolly unfair and sometimes a person does find himself becoming involved. It doesn't get me anywhere of course but I like to think that a well placed oath and some yelling on my part will be received as a principled statement by Mockingbirds everywhere. We non-list writers must stick together even if it does mean endless trips to town and utter confusion in the Vegetable Garden around what seed went where.

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