Friday, April 29, 2016

Politics, theory, Hoppy Bug, TINA and I.

One of the more problematic areas with any level of education, outside of experience, is that it grants provenance to the theoretical, and more often than not with the theoretical, theory is considered a truth that defines the real. Theories of the Economic and Social kind that are defined as real, rather than being a noble and usually fruitless attempts to explore the possible from the comfort of an armchair become like words, all put together into a dictionary where their meanings are secured and then policed by uniformed and well titled pedants, I think they're called memes, or copies of themselves or thought police, and "Politically Correct" springs to mind. Theory, any theory, becomes territory, it might expand, it might contract, but it goes around and around because essentially it contains the geometry of a circle, a quality that comforts us people, suggests certainty. It's the winding path into the green savannah with hills in the distance, that suggest adventure, excitement and it's probably for the young people. The thing about all categories of living things is that like words they have their being on a slope, which has no up and no down, no sideways, it's precarious rather than flat and here you can call me a pedant or a nitwit if you wish to.  But one of the excellent characteristics possessed by the Political Class is they don't actually hold to the idea of truth and neither does life. It's the Reins of Power the Political Class seek. And thank goodness for it, otherwise we people would be more like Hoppy Bug waiting around for a genetic anomaly to grant us the opportunity to travel to Mars to get away from a gardener with his poisonous dusts and bonfire. Mind you there's always the chance we are more like Hoppy Bug than we would like to think, a precarious idea worthy of both a pedant and a nitwit.

"One small hop for a Hoppy Bug, one giant leap for Hoppy-Bug-Kind." My argument would be that the decline of a theory's ability to reflect the possible is an example of a circle in the process of attempting to redefine itself, and please be aware that having done battle with them for some years now, it's my view the Hoppy Bug will outlast my own species here on earth. Hoppy Bug are like theories to the extent that both are stubborn creatures. But I do have one understanding of Donald Trump and his emergence as US Republican Party presidential candidate. It has nothing to do with racism, it has nothing to do with immigration, it has nothing to do with a diet of fast food, or guns, or bibles or television sets, or social media, or any kind of aspersion cast upon Trump supporters by the high and mighty. Rather it's the consequence of a theory called "it's the economy stupid" which has been enforced by a careless Political Class against the interests of an increasing number of voters. Naturally enough the question engages TINA- There Is No Alternative. And granted, it might well be that TINA is some kind of genetic anomaly not all of us have inherited. Now, if the morning ever comes I'll be torn between directing a reader's attention to the arrival of Yellow Chat, the imminent bloom of Foxglove, the recent rain that put spine into our Potato and the singular achievement of Bernie Sanders which has been to successfully introduce the word Socialism to a discourse that hither to fore has considered the word Socialism so dangerous a subversion of United States Values it was worth stamping out wherever it occurred. Yes indeed 2016 is a wonderful year for an Existentialist with a vote, I'm enjoying it so far.

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