Saturday, April 23, 2016

USA Republican Party

In the USA there's a growing reaction against the Neo-liberal idea. In this context "liberals" were the free market people, Adam Smith and the invisible hand, and we're talking the "liberal" of two hundred years ago, rather than something like the "liberal" of a progressive democrat, all wishy-washy, and soft hearted. It was probably the First World War followed by the Great Depression of 1930's followed by the Second World War, when the world kind of came together and said "There's something seriously wrong with us. Let's see if we can't take control of our circumstance." And while some people answered "That has to work" other people said "That could work" and some people said "That's not going to work,  never has, never will," and this third lot of people came up with all kinds of theories which coalesced into Neo-liberalism.

Another way of looking at Neo-Liberalism is to do away with all confusion over the word Liberal and call adherers to the idea, Neo-cons. Neo-cons are the new conservatives, as opposed to the old conservatives of the 1940's through the 1960's, people like Nixon who thought things like National Parks, some kind of mandated health care system and clean air ordinances might be a good idea. Old Conservatives and New Conservatives are not to be confused with Social Conservatives. Social Conservatives are inclined to dismiss the theories of Darwin, they see answers to the ultimate problem within the pages of something like the Bible or the Koran, which I guess makes Social Conservatives more like Ancient Conservatives than common or garden old fashioned conservatives or new conservatives. The USA's Republican Party is a very strange place, almost like an alien world to my way of thinking.

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