Sunday, May 15, 2016


Despite the amazing heroism of your gardener, who having listened to the False Prophets, did battle with tarpaulin, sheet and row cover in the failing light of yesterday, it was The Lord who did his bit for the Vegetable Garden and righteousness, but I have to think he might not have chosen to oblige had I not shown willing to assist him by nobly braving the elements in the way that I did without once complaining or gnashing teeth. This morning there was no suggestion of frost, the keen eyed might have seen the potential, the dew was little dewdrops not big dewdrops. I was naturally resting peacefully during the critical hours prior to 8am but The Artist recorded a temperature at the low point of around 40 degrees Fahrenheit. Or, on the off chance The Lord is a believer in Celsius, 4.4444 on into eternity.

Often, too often, a gardener does fall for the sin of Vainglory. The sin has an odd definition, and many years ago following an encyclical Vainglory was removed from the list of Cardinal Sins because it sounded like Pride, and for unknown reason Glory had become a Virtue. And I think it was the same Pope who messed around with the calendar. Yet some of us might be a little old fashioned and still think of Vainglory as one of the big time Cardinal Sins that has the added benefit of sounding rather wonderful. And if you want to know what my definition is, best to think of Vainglory as "Futile Boasting." You can spot it all over the place if you start looking for it, entire industries are built upon it, so no wonder Vainglory is no longer a sin once you step outside the purity of the Vegetable Garden with its consistency of teaching.

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