Thursday, June 23, 2016


Always enjoyed a good sit-in. Stuffed together with few amenities, nowhere really comfortable to sleep, hours and hours of rambling on about the cause, reaffirming commitment, it's a form of bonding that relies heavily upon castigating those you reckoned should have joined in with the action rather than running off to the comforts of their insular burrows. It's a moment of good feeling which produces fond memories, solidifies friendships kind of like a music festival, and often it ends in a Magistrate's Court.

In the land of Shakespeare and Cream Teas there's the big vote. Which as I understand it originated as a disagreement in the Tory Party and then got totally out of hand as prospective leaders of the party saw opportunity and started making up stuff about the benefits or otherwise of remaining in or leaving the Union. The ball finally rolled to Winston Churchill's grandson who from his villa in Spain, claimed that Winston would have wanted Britain to remain in Europe. Prime Minister Churchill was a lot of things, but I think it a huge tragedy his entail claimed to be able to speak to the dead.

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