Sunday, June 26, 2016

Big Rabbit

The Cat is bravely endeavoring to contribute her stellar services to Rabbit control. Understandably she prefers early morning and late evening, the afternoons from about 10am on into the early evening are I'll admit not conducive to any kind of rushing about chasing things. Then there's a little problem with a Big Rabbit. It's true that a large adult Rabbit around these parts gets to be about three or four pounds in weight, maybe twenty inches long, you have to go much further north to find a five pounder, and down there on the Gulf Coast an adult Rabbit is generally closer to two pounds than he or she is to three. The average life time of the Rabbit here is about fifteen months. Worth noting Rabbit can start breeding at the age of three months, it's three or four litters a year, average size of litter is five and if left unchecked the charming little creatures are just all over the place.

The Cat, when we last went to the Vet, was around seven pounds, to my mind she looks to be about ten pounds at the moment, but the trouble with the Big Rabbit is that both The Cat and I find him or her just a little dominating and he or she is clearly suffering from some kind of hormonal imbalance because he or she is unnaturally large for a Cottontail. We're talking thundering hoof and mad staring eye size. A tyrant in his or her community, no doubt about it, but I have to admit in the scale of tyrants, he or she is up there with Pericles, and his or her defense of smaller Rabbits is something to admire, which suggests to me he or she could well be a Girl Rabbit. When the Domicile Protection Unit arrives as we do in that abstract casual way, a flick of a large ear distracts us. "Oh Gosh! There's the Big Rabbit" and we both freeze, stare at The Big Rabbit while Littler Rabbits easily find cover. All the same, as an Uncle Cat, I think my work is almost done.

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