Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Fear of Loss

A brief definition of the limbic system's physical nature would have to include the word complicated. It's a bunch of nerves, in a bunch of different structures in the brain that make a person feel sad, happy, angry, afraid or whatever emotion you'd like to think of. For reasons which can probably best be summed by the expression "a yearning for common sense and adult supervision" the great minds have concluded that the limbic system is a more primitive, more nativist part of our brain.

Can the limbic system be trained to behave in an orderly and sensible manner? Can it do it's two times table? The answer I regret to say is "certainly not around election time!" The erudite and learned take joy from their erudition and learning and when they are proved wrong it makes them unhappy. The powerful take joy from the power they possess and when they lose that power they are unhappy. Fear of loss, is so deep in the limbic system it makes a fool of us. We are doomed to our passions, it's what we are.

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