Monday, June 20, 2016


Longest Day in the Northern Hemisphere is always a little confusing when it fails to fall on the twenty first of June. The idea that I find this confusing is depressing, and I'll tell you why in a roundabout way. It means the calendar is writ so large in me I'd probably be one of those people who would enter apoplexy where Christmas to occasionally fall on the twenty fourth of December. But much worse is the failure by most societies to grant the two Solstices the status of Public Holiday. What happened to the religious significance of the planet's mood? I'll tell you, it got lost in the machinations of a hedonism that's actually not doing us any good at all. It's like touching a Megalith instead of writing a psalm. It's the Summer Solstice Pillow Sale, free sunglasses. And you're correct, we tool makers tend not to venerate things we cannot control. They frighten us into rabbit holes. There was a time of course when we'd appease The Gods, try to behave, offer sacrifice and in so doing we gave power to the Priests of our society, and we still do by sometimes marking a distinction between June Twentieth and June Twenty First.

My own view of the Solstices is wrapped up a little in slopes and geometry, straight lines and circles. We're not talking predictive, which means the essence is best thought of as random. The alternative to the powerlessness or the apparent futility of the word random, is to think in terms of nothing is ever exactly the same outside the context of the tools available to us. An assumption of infinity, no end and no beginning. It puts the perspective on stuff happens without us, the vastness of it all and while we can think about it in terms of how useful it is, we can also regard it as a resource within being that teaches us a humility that no Priest or legal precedent can define for us. It's a leaderless thing, pure mind in a world dictated by material need, food, shelter, whatever you want to call your world and your problems within it. Then at around 6:34 in the late afternoon Eastern Daylight Saving Time, today, here where I live, the tilt of our planet changes direction. You can explain it with physics, with words, with geometry, but I'll tell you this, it's the closest thing to understanding Why? a person can get. Everything else is pretty much a stick selfie.

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