Tuesday, July 12, 2016


Fewer Stinkbugs in the Chard this year. I'd call this a blessing. The reason being that frozen Stinkbug is incredibly unwholesome, and during the Chard washing processes, a Chard Leaf Processor who may have become genetically adapted to pounce on Stinkbug, squish the life out of them, can end up with Stinkbug goo on their fingers. And I'll tell you this much no amount of washing can rid Chard leaves of the astonishingly unappetizing esters that Stinkbug can produce.

Strangely there seem to be more Spiders in the Chard. Not certain there's a relationship between number of Spiders and number of Stinkbug, but there is a little something about Spiders. Don't mind the Jumping Spider, the Wolf of the Spider world, independent nomadic creatures. Don't mind the diligent Web Weaving Matrons. It's the little tiny Swarming Spider that I'm most wary of. They seem hell bent on a mission to bite something so they might  pass on effortlessly to their own Nirvana. Can't really see them, so what with the twitching from being creeped out it can be rough out there.

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