Friday, July 8, 2016

Man Bonding

I realize there a great many weeks that will Live In Infamy. Fortunately there is something in the water around here that reduces memory to a sort of spottiness, time passes and a week from the past which might once have Lived in Infamy takes on a special glow where the Infamy part drifts into the sunset. But with respect to this week the Infamy part is right up there, still very present in the mind. The weather has been exceptionally mean. Around six inches of rain in five days, and I'll not mention the straight line winds or the levels of humidity that have prevented the Bean Plants from drying out and are in process of doing horrible things to the Tomato.

On the brighter side, the power cut was no more than a couple of hours, and the tree that fell across the lane provided opportunity for neighbors to judge each other in the area of manliness. And here, despite being the only male wearing shorts and a rather flamboyant collared shirt, I think I did quite well. While womenfolk were huddled around early morning coffee and girl type internet activities we men gathered. It was the branch of a very big tree, a rare giant, an excellent shade producer, which had it fallen the other way would have pretty much destroyed a dwelling. I made a joke about firewood which fell rather flat and which for some reason caused the neighbor's big dog to wag it's tail at me, which I thought a little suspicious because as a rule that dog develops all the symptoms of Rabies whenever he sees me.

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