Saturday, July 9, 2016

Self Existent Woolly Mammoth Mode

There's always a big debate about God. Over the years there have been in our number many who have spoken to God. For myself, had I spoken to God or if God had spoken to me, I think I'd be a little shy about it. I might even ask the question, "Why pick on me?" before donning the robes and yelling from street corners. In the early literature was the idea that God had no name, and to even try to mention his name or think too hard about his name was sinful. This particular idea emerged from a conundrum. One of the chosen was talking to God and in the course of the conversation he asked God "What shall I call you?" God's somewhat disgruntled reply was, "I am who I am."  Maybe this particular chosen one was exaggerating a little, but the point is, to claim that anyone who has spoken to God is lying can be risky to the foundations, hence the conundrum that often leads to horrible schisms. The Sphinx/Pyramid Schism is a classic example, there was no actual speaking to God involved, it had more to do with poached eggs, but perhaps that's for another time.

Of the names available for God, our own minds are limited to four general areas. There's the list of more inclusive words for god. Things like The Oneness that direct toward an overall general plan with something that resembles a happy ending for those who become involved in the plan. The second general area is more Hindu, something like The Self-Existent, an otherness within God that suggests a splendid isolation that occasionally enjoys a carnival. The third area is the Woolly Mammoth, a bad tempered slightly insane character who must be regularly appeased otherwise he'll run around trampling the fields. The final general area is actually the most interesting. Those who will claim that God Isn't and thinking otherwise is so sinful it's both stupid and uneducated. This fourth list of names for God is often added to by a wide range of highly educated, intellectual cloud dwelling individuals whose sense of sophistication is such they themselves might not be of this earth. My own current position on the subject is a sort of Hindu with Woolly Mammoth undertones, I'd guess. It's not at all pretty or remotely comforting, but like all true believers I suspect I'm absolutely correct.

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