Saturday, August 20, 2016


Attrition means a gradual diminution but in religious terms Attrition means repentance of sins as a result of being afraid of Hell rather that as a result of a Love of God. And quite why in some quarters we people are called Human Resources may remain a mystery, but motivation through fear has long played a role in maintaining the attention of the less willing in pursuit of predefined goals, or a job. Consequently a great many of us are less engaged in the reality of our world, there's a certain plodding through life and its expectations, an obedience to a mystery that becomes more like the void or the comfort of "That's just the way it is."

There's an identifiable connection between the socially cohesive consequences of Economic growth and Liberal Democracy. In more earthly terms this consequence of the relationship might be thought of as result of a love of god rather than attrition. But what happens to a polity that fails to produce economic growth. What happens to the promise that passeth all understanding. Well I'll tell you, Human Resources get pissed off, there's a major ennui, the comfort or void of "That's just the way it is" evaporates, single party cultures, Dictators, Saviors become appealing, imagination builds new structures else it dies, the world still turns and 2016 is pretty much on track to being the hottest year ever recorded. But on the more positive side the Google Doddle might disappear for ever and ever amen.

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