Monday, August 8, 2016


One of the English Kings died from a surfeit of Lampreys. Your correspondent is close to sharing Henry I's fate and how disappointing it would be to have "Died from a Surfeit of Sweet Peppers" on the tombstone. Can't remember when last I saw one of our own Bell Peppers turn red, but they're doing it this year. There's a Thor Pepper here that greatly enjoys turning red, it's a longer Pepper, less bell-shaped. There are dozens of them. What to do, I wonder. "How about the Pressure Canner?" I hear in the far away swamps of East Anglia where the Lampreys swarm to fresh water at their breeding time and still feel rather proud of their victory over the fourth son of the Norman William the Conqueror.

The thing about Peppers is a person can cook them to death leaving them with a nutritional value of paper. Peppers are not acid, so probably better to veer toward hot water bath process with some acidic augmentation and a frolic amongst the spices. Basically this means pickling, and often pickles remain in a dark cupboard for years. Still got a Green Tomato chutney from 2011 lurking somewhere in there. But there is one great adventure which uncharacteristically I'll attempt to pursue. Peeling the Pepper. Like most things it sounds unnecessarily dangerous, it involves what they call grilling in some worlds, broiling in other worlds. I've examined the manual on the indoor stove, and it does have a broiling element in the oven? So we're not talking eye-level grilling thank goodness.

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