Monday, August 22, 2016

Early Rising

Some of us don't wake up in the morning very quickly. Some of us popup from their beds as though sleep had never occurred. There could well be a genetic origin to the distinction between these two opposites. Picture the band of hunter gathers, bedding down in the evening, the howl of Wolves, or Saber-toothed Tigers in the distance, the odd suspicious twig snapping for no apparent reason, a general uneasiness around the idea of large night dwelling creatures, creeping around casting a net for their own breakfast and probably survival depended for us people upon some of us pretty much staying awake all night. Then in the morning, the more nervously inclined having failed to achieve a mandated 8 hours of sleep getting up and about might have taken a while.

Since Neolithic times there's been less and less reason to stay awake all night which kind of makes the imperative for having slower risers in our midst increasingly irrelevant. In some senses the capacity is almost like being left handed, it's the vestigial tail, or as some might insist the appendix or tonsils or the adenoids. A person can no longer be forgiven for being grumpy in the morning. He can't just say "You obviously slept through what might have been a Chipmunk in the attic or it could have been wind on the gutter" and get away with having saved the clan from a virtual annihilation. Sadly, a person being apparently catatonic for the first hour or so of daylight is no longer a respectable virtue, it's considered a disability or an ailment for which there are probably a whole range of patented cures or special diets. But stand tall, we were once useful and without us our current conundrums would never left the planning stage.

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